Gambatte! An Introduction..

Gambatte! An Introduction..

Gambatte! That's a Japanese saying that roughly translates to do your best. It can also mean don't give up or good luck, much like we often say break a leg. It's a word my mother and my grandparents always used whenever sending me off into the world or setting me onto a task, my father said it too just in his own slightly less poetic but no less colourful English words.

It's not just a word but a philosophy I try to live my life by. If I do something, anything, whether it's doing a job, making something with my hands, being a friend, partner or parent, I always try to do the best job that I can do.That doesn't always mean I get it right but it does mean no matter what I will always pick myself up, dust myself off and give it the effort the task deserves.

I realize this doesn't say a lot about my life experiences, my list of accomplishments or achievements but it does speak to the person I always strive to be. So hajimemashite(nice to meet you) and gambatte in whatever it is you do!!


Shison wood

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