Product Care

Wood products can be affected by their environment. Things like heat, cold, humidity and sunlight can lead to movement, cracking, discolouration or deformation. Some of this is expected as wood is a natural product full of irregularities and imperfections which is part of what makes it beautiful. However with the right care a product made from wood can last a lifetime so follow the tips below to help maintain the life of your Shison Wood products.

General tips:

Store your wood products away from sources of heat and humidity. Things like fireplaces, heaters, dishwashers and sinks are a few examples.

Keep your wood out of direct sunlight as it can lead to discolouration or deterioration of the wood.

If your wood product comes in contact with liquid wipe it from the surface as soon as you're able.


Cleaning and care:

All Shison Wood products whether decorative or practical are finished with food safe finishes. To clean them you can use a lightly damp cloth to wipe any surface grime away.

Glossy items: Items with a glossy shellac finish don't need much maintenance but can be treated with any shellac friendly wood products or simply use a lightly damp cloth and wipe dry.

Practical items: Shison Wood items meant for daily use can also be wiped down with a damp cloth or quickly cleaned with soap and water like you would a cutting board. After cleaning wipe completely dry and allow them to sit out to dry completely.

Oiling your wood: Wood is a porous product and as you use it the protective oil and wax coating that's been applied will start to wear off. You can help maintain your products by re-applying some oil to the surface every two to three months. Just wipe it on, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off. If you don't have a food safe wood finishing product you already use, we recommend using mineral oil, a petroleum product that's readily available at any drug store, it won't go rancid like Olive oil or other food based oils, it's non-allergenic and it won't affect the colour of your products. However we highly recommend using roasted walnut oil, available in the salad dressing isle of most grocery stores. The roasting process destroys most of the affecting proteins so it's generally considered allergen safe but people with extreme nut allergies may want to avoid it. Also, it might darken the wood slightly but the smell alone is worth it!!

Got questions about what you should do with your wood? Hit us up at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!!