My Dad (repost from Fathers Day)

My Dad (repost from Fathers Day)

My dad.
My dad is too old for the internet. Hell, he was born well before television was even a thing. Some say he's older than dirt and that he's been around since Jesus was a cowboy. One year too young to enlist I'm pretty sure the war would have gone differently if he weren't. He's among the last of a different breed, a different generation. Built like a leather clad oak tree from years of toiling under the hot sun he only ever wore cowboy boots and always seemed to smell of whiskey and diesel fuel. One of the few remaining true Canadian cowboys he started his 80+ years or hard work as a trapper, then log driver eventually through decades of the hardest kinds of work the owner of his own construction company. He along with his seven offspring helped build southern Ontario from dirt roads to what it is today and even gave us such monuments as the Toronto Zoo but you've likely never heard his name. Always believed in and never afraid of hard work or the law 😉,, he's earned every thing in his life that he deserves. He's the kind of man that any man would aspire to be and anyone who's met him will attest. He's taught me what it truly means to be a man and though we wear the same size I know I'll never be able to fill his boots. I owe everything that I am to him but he'd never ask anything in return.

His name is Vernon Leigh Sisson and he's my dad!

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