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Shison Wood

All spalted puzzle pot

All spalted puzzle pot

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A simple twist to open puzzle box. The lid is recessed such that it doesn't seem possible to remove and magnets hold it in place should you up end it. So how does it work? A simple twist of the base activates a pin, lifting the lid just enough to allow you to easily remove it. A perfect place to store your precious jewelry or knickknacks 

This one of a kind beauty is made with spalted tamarind with a spalted maple lid and base. The lid was bookmatched to mirror the incredible pattern the spalting imparted on the wood.

Please note: When replacing the lid, sometimes it may require a slight spin to engage the magnets if they don't line up on the first try. 

Approx: 3.25 x 3.5" / 8.5 x 9cm

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